About Our Company

limpia (Spanish, fem, adj)
1. Clear
2. Clean

The term describes what we strive to accomplish for our customers – clean, beautiful sound that brings the artist into your home.

At our core, we are a 2-channel high end audio specialty store, but we also provide home theater, whole-home audio, home automation, and outdoor speaker systems as well.

In addition, we also do commercial installation of audio systems, video systems, and acoustic treatments. Our installation professionals are the best in the business.

Our goals…

We are proud to display and represent the finest audio equipment in the world. Our goal is to not only match the system to your individual taste but your budget as well. Whether you prefer tube gear, solid state, digital or analog, we can put together a system that will exceed all of your expectations.

We welcome you to come by our showroom or give us a call to set up your private appointment.


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