McIntosh – The iconic blue watt meters are known throughout the world to represent the finest in music reproduction. Based in Binghamton, NY, McIntosh has been a symbol of American excellence since 1949. The signature McIntosh sound has created an extremely loyal global fan base, and we are proud at Limpia Sound to be an authorized dealer.




Dynaudio – A Danish loudspeaker manufacturer found in 1977, Dynaudio is a
leading producer of handcrafted high-end speakers that reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience. Dynaudio cabinets are beautiful works of art, but it is the sound of Dynaudio that makes it a must-have component to any system.




Aurender – When it comes to digital components, look no further than Aurender to deliver world-class performance. Large digital music collections can be managed with ease, and sound quality is stunning. Considered by many to be the absolute finest in digital reproduction.





REL – At REL they only do one thing – make subwoofers, and they do it better than anyone else in the world. In fact, they call them “sub-bass systems”, because they have a dramatic effect on the entire music spectrum, not just the low frequencies. A REL sub can extend the capabilities of any loudspeaker, and transform your listening experience into one of amazing realism and detail.




Octave – Chief designer Andreas Hofman brings a passion for music, combined with ingenious electronic attitude and German craftsmanship to produce tube audio gear that is treasured by fans across the globe. The fit and finish of their products is superb, and is only matched by the quality of the hand-built components within.




– Founder Pierre Sprey has been preaching the benefits of isolation and vibration control of audio components using solid maple stands since 1986. Now it seems the entire audio world is finally catching up! The solid air-dried maple shelves, along with the brass footers and solid steel supports are just a few of the reasons there is Mapleshade, and there is everyone else





Harbeth – Handmade in England, Harbeth represents a British sonic success story spanning 40 years. The engineers at Harbeth make loudspeakers that re-create music with startling clarity. A beautiful combination of warmth and realism makes Harbeth a perennial audiophile favorite! From the shoebox sized P3 to the mighty Monitor 40.2, they all deliver the world-famous open, natural transparent Harbeth sound.




PrimaLuna – Since 2003, PrimaLuna has created tube amplifiers with a unique construction found nowhere else. Our technologies bring you closer to the music at a price you won’t believe. PrimaLuna has pioneered numerous technologies to redefine tube amplification. From increased reliability and tube life all the way to our unique, signature sound.





Bryston –  Bryston Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing state of the art specialty electronics to both the consumer and professional audio marketplaces for over 35 years. Bryston products allow you to enjoy a generation of sound, music, and incredible performance. Bryston is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, just northeast of Toronto, and is sold through over 150 dealers in North America and 60 countries worldwide.




Audience – Audience is a highly respected American electronics company whose objective is to build the finest possible high performance audio
components. Audience is not another “me too” manufacturer. It is a leader and trend setter in its unique approach to product design, execution and craftsmanship. Audience is also respected for its business integrity and dedication to its customers.




Cardas Audio – Since 1987, Cardas Audio has manufactured premium audio cables and component parts. George Cardas founded the company to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative Golden ratio resonance control techniques and uniquely insightful solutions to transmission line problems. The legendary connections and craftsmanship at Cardas reflect George’s pursuit of perfection. Located in Bandon, Oregon, Cardas Audio remains a family business, with George designing products, and his youngest daughter, Angela, running the company.




Wisdom Audio was founded in 1996 with one goal in mind, to create the world’s finest loudspeakers unbound by limitations of current technologies and past design. Wisdom’s pioneering use of large scale thin film planar-magnetic transducers, electronic crossovers in place of passive designs, and innovative woofer designs were all developed to solve problems inherent in the limitations of traditional designs and how they interact with the listening room. The result is an experience like no other.