Home Theater : an entertainment system for the home that usually consists of a large television with video components and an audio system offering incredible sound.


Looking back over the past decade and seeing all that has transpired, one could conclude that the rate of evolution in video display technologies would have made Darwin’s head spin!  Today’s variety of different video display technologies offers a spectrum of choices, each with a unique set of advantages. To choose the best technology for your system, consider your priorities:

  • Price. Though the range among all technologies is quite broad today, some do have a higher entry level price point.
  • Size. Flat screens can run from smaller than 32″ up to 150″ (measured diagonally) and are almost all native 16:9 aspect ratio screens. Whereas a projection system can be just about any size you wish, usually they start around 6-8 feet wide, and can go up from there depending, of course, upon such factors as your room size, wall/ceiling/floor colors, viewing distance, projector, screen material and gain, etc. 
  • Picture quality. Different technologies will provide differing levels of quality, brightness, black level, color saturation, color accuracy, grayscale accuracy, uniformity, correct geometry, freedom from artifacts, freedom from visible scan lines or pixels, smoothness of motion, etc. No one technology is universally superior in all ways for all applications.
  • Your room and lifestyle. Some technologies require a completely dark room with special light control while others are more amenable to ambient room light.

Choosing the best product for your needs requires a familiarity with all the relevant technologies and all the latest product models. We recommend that you consult us early in your project to ensure precisely what you are looking for.